Tech Sourcing

Scaling up but don't know what you need?

Our experience in tech sourcing will help you decide what kind of technology you need, whether that's hardware (laptops, printers etc.) or software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop etc.), to help your business scale easily.

Excel & Office

Stuck with in Word, Excel or the rest of Microsoft Office?

We can help you with formatting in Word, Excel formulas, pivot tables, mail merge, macros and more.

We are able to work with requests for work on long-term projects and also with occasional ad-hoc support.

Getting Online

Need help getting your business on the web?

We can help you get a domain, find web hosting and set up your website, get your business listed on the right directories and set you up with a professional e-mail to maximise your online presence and increase your leads, sales and revenue.


Already online but not being seen?

We can help with SEO! We can analyse your website with Google Analytics, users and competitors to optimise your content and presence so that it is further up in the results on the most popular search engines like Bing and Google.


Want to increase your reach? Unsure whether to use Bing or Google Ads?

We can help with a/b split testing, funnelling and campaign monitoring to help you achieve your goal, whether that's for more sales or brand recognition, we can help your campaign.

Tech Strategy

Need to future proof?

If your want to ensure you remain competitive in the rapidly changing tech environment, or need GDPR guidance, we can help you assess your current estate to provide guidance and recommendations.

Contact us

E-mail me at or head over to the contact page and fill in a few bits of information and we will get back to you.