Intro to SEO

SEO? Search Engines? Optimising?

SEO is an acronym, or initialism, if you're picky, that stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO a strategy used by website owners to get more traffic by ranking higher in search engines.

Search engine optimisation isn’t about tricking Google or gaming the system. It’s simply about creating a website that has optimised code, keywords and formatting which makes it easy for search engines to find your website.

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Why is SEO important?

When people search the web for the topics you write about, your search-engine-optimised content will appear higher in the search results, and you’ll get more people clicking through to your website.

Search engines like Bing and Google use advanced and mostly secret algorithms to understand and rank pages appropriately in search results.

When web content isn’t optimised search engines don't know how to rank it. When people search for the topics you write about, your website won’t appear in the search results, and you’ll miss out on all that traffic.

It is really important for all business owners to make their website search engine friendly, so that they can maximise their search traffic with SEO.

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