Excel, Office & Macros

Why Office Software Matters

A key piece to any business is admin, the behind the scenes stuff that keeps things going. The easiest way to manage things like invoices, budgets, letters and customers is with a good back end office system.

Most companies trust and use Microsoft Office. wuja.solutions can help you in a variety of different office packages and is able to help streamline your work by recommending tools or changes to help workflows and automation.

We can also help visualise and transform your data from a clunky old spreadsheet in to something that can be understood and comprehended with a glance. Whether you need new graphs, pivot tables, or layouts, wuja.solutions can hep you with Microsoft Office & Excel.

audit chart graph


VBA is a common tool used in Office to automate work processes and knowing how to use it brings near limitless functionality to your work. VBA or Macros as people more commonly know them, can be used to do things like automate formatting, extract data from one place and put it in to another, or used to automate the filing of documents. If you can think of it, Wuja.Solutions can help build and implement it.