Online Ads

What is Targeted Advertising? Targeted advertising is a way of discovering your key customers and defining your target market to drive your sales. This is done through collecting anonymised data about your customers and how they interact with your website. Targeted advertising around for a long time but has come a long way since big …

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Excel, Office & Macros

Why Office Software Matters A key piece to any business is admin, the behind the scenes stuff that keeps things going. The easiest way to manage things like invoices, budgets, letters and customers is with a good back end office system. Most companies trust and use Microsoft Office. wuja.solutions can help you in a variety …

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Getting Online

The Power of the Internet Starting a business can be really exciting, but it’s easy to get stuck and only have a presence in one place. Wuja.Solutions can help you get your business online to maximise your reach, help drive traffic to your business and increase sales and revenue. With so many sales now completed …

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Sourcing the right Tech

Tech Sourcing Any successful SME has a strong infrastructure supporting it and a plan that is scalable and can continued to be supported by technology. Whether you need help sourcing your tech or have found it already but need after-sale support, wuja.solutions can hep you. Source & Supply Sometimes it’s hard to know what technology …

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Intro to SEO

SEO? Search Engines? Optimising? SEO is an acronym, or initialism, if you’re picky, that stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO a strategy used by website owners to get more traffic by ranking higher in search engines. Search engine optimisation isn’t about tricking Google or gaming the system. It’s simply about creating a website that has …

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