Who are wuja.solutions?

Think of us as a mix between as an outsourced digital agency and an IT consultant, here to help you with the decisions about tech to help grow your business.

Based in Swansea and Cardiff in South Wales, we're a small startup looking to help other SME businesses grow online, open up more opportunity and ultimately help them make more money. Whether you're a startup or already on your journey let us help increase your profitability!

We know that sometimes it's easier to get someone else to help, or even do the job for you, simply because you're strapped for time, skill or resource. That's where we come in.


Where we've been

Our careers have taken us into many different kinds of sectors like Education, Entertainment, Financial Services and the Third Sector. We've also worked with lots of different business functions, from Freelancers  to Chief Execs. Each experience has been the same: businesses aren't properly prepared for the tech challenges they face.

What we've done

We've worked on things like policy writing, process automation, tech rollouts, tech sourcing & advice, tech strategy, setting up websites, web design, buying domains, SEO and streamlining processes with macros. We can do a lot of this remotely but if you need us on site, we can be there too.

Contact Us

E-mail me at adam@wuja.solutions or head over to the contact page and fill in a few bits of information and we will get back to you.